Aug 17, 2009

Good reads of the day

The Font-as-a-Service
Unlike ever before, where previously we had only purchased a font as a closed, finite, singular product, we are now entering the age of the font-as-service: where the font becomes synonymous with web hosting, mobile data plans, and movie rentals. No longer fixed, fonts will be borrowed, subscribed to, removed, expanded upon, and provided on-the-fly.
Making a website iPhone friendly
With the increase in popularity of mobile devices (be they phones or netbooks) with full featured web browsers, sites are going to see more and more visitors coming from devices with unique physical constraints. The changes we’ve made are all simple to implement, but provide immediate benefit to these users. And we’re going to keep working on those incremental improvements.
Scaling rails: Page Responsiveness
Before we can talk about Server-side performance, we need to go over Client-side performance. We’re talking about how fast your website comes up in a user’s browser.
Javascript: More Flexible Constructors
As with Java, you can provide arguments to constructors to initialize property values for instances.

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