Mar 3, 2007

Jobs: se cauta web designer, AJAX developer, PHP developer, Python developer, Flash developer in Bucuresti

We seek long-term (>2 years) cooperation with single-minded, top-competent developers within any of the respective fields of AJAX, PHP, Python, Actionscript and XHTML, thus:

- Web designer/architect (XHTML, CSS; talented fronend designer, information architect. Knowledge of cross-browser support a plus)
- AJAX developer/architect (dynamic forms, creation of universal methods for data presentation on external pages, cross-browser support knowledgeability)
- PHP developer/architect (object oriented design, clustering, MySQL databases. Knowledgability of systems with high throughput a plus.)
- Python developer/architect (clustering, MySQL databases. Knowledgability of systems with high throughput a plus.)
- Flash developer/architect (Actionscript development, dynamic data management)

We will also quite soon need very talented Linux administators. We will provide a stimulating environment, with complex tasks and team with similar passion.

Our current recruitment need is developers, of age 22-33, with noticeable capacity related to our competence needs, as well as passion for the subject.

Personal interviews will be held.

We will start during may - april. Initially the team will be of three to four developers, and then extend to 15-20 within a year. Our fields of competence will also be extended.

Apply through sending your resume via e-mail, to Questions are warmly welcome, via e-mail or GTalk.

Mikael More

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